That Kind of Morning

Hello there! It’s the first day of October, and I’m a bit silly like this, but I always feel a sense of renewal on days like today. A new day! A new month. Despite having slept a meagre handful of hours, probably from that much needed (but much regretted) late afternoon coffee the day before, it’s a Corinne Bailey Rae kinda day! You know, Paris Nights/New York Mornings…

I’m rhyming. A little tragic, even for spring.

It’s a public holiday here in Australia, so I’m going to head out and enjoy some sun with The Boyfriend. Take our bikes, cycle to a park with a basket of sandwiches, other nibbles, and a book or two – maybe some freshly squeezed apple juice – lay out a picnic mat, sunbathe, read said book, eat said lunch, and take a lazy afternoon ride through the sprawling, rolling parkland. Can’t wait!

Just going to go briefly through the books I plan on reading this month, before I head out. o at Délaissé is doing an October readalong, for which my picks are:

  • Dracula, Bram Stroker
  • Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte
  • The Bloody Chamber and other Short Stories, Angela Carter

Apart from Dracula, all re-reads. Not sure why I insist on re-reading everything like this, but I find comfort in it. Not in the state of mind to be exerting myself or ‘reading outside the box’. Still plodding on through my ‘catch up’ books, though most of them probably won’t get a mention on this blog. For instance, while there is nothing remotely challenging per se about Alexander McCall Smith’s ‘No 1 Ladies Detective Agency’, I’m actually finding it rather unreadable (Dare I Say!). ‘Joy Luck Club’, I breezed through quite pleasantly, but it only confirmed my belief that Amy Tan is a woman with One Book in her, and no more (and she keeps rewriting that same book over and over in myriad – but poorly disguised – forms).

Also, for the first time in forever, I’m going to do last week’s Booking Through Thursday meme, just because:

Do you bring the book(s) you’re reading with you when you go out? How? Physically, or in an e-reader of some kind? Have your habits in this regard changed? (I know I carried books with me more when I was in school than I do now–I can’t read while I’m driving to work, after all.)

I  often – but not always – carry a book with me. Never, ever an e-reader. I know this is controversial, but an e-reader is not a book. I repeat, an e-reader is not a book. It is an e-reader. Yes, you can read literature on it, but it’s not a book. If I were to drive, I would probably never carry one, but for the morning and evening commutes to and from university, it’s perfect. It’s a lovely thing to be able to escape the dank and crowded carriages of Sydney’s abysmal public transport, and lose yourself in a novel.

It does depend on how heavy my work load is, though. Probably less during the time papers and things are due, because my bag will be filled with research material or I’ll just be mentally exhausted, in which case I’ll read something light like a Newsweek or TIME magazine. I sound like the most pretentious sod, but since I major in International Relations/Asian Studies, it makes sense for me to be reading this! (Not sure why I’m justifying myself, but I have put up with a lot of disdainful ‘oh really?’ eyebrows when asked what constitutes ‘light reading’).

And as a side note, yes. These things were called memes, long before those weird but fantabulous captioned photographs with the same name began to pop up all over Facebook.

I should really go and buy my copy of Les Miserables before the readalong finishes, but I have no incentive to do so, since I have just have too many books piled up in my room at the moment. Something I’ve starting thinking frequently as of late, but it really is getting harder to balance life and literature as the years go by – and I’m meant to be in the carefree stage of it all!


2 thoughts on “That Kind of Morning

  1. Have you read The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan? it’s my favourite of her books. I’m a huge fan. Should be a new novel out next year.

    1. Hi Nicola! I actually haven’t… I might give her another try then, because I do like her style – and Hundred Secret Senses does seem to diverge from her generic mother-daughter + Chinese/American culture + dark secret family history plot. Thanks for the recommendation :)

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