A Trip to the Library

Made a trip to the library today, with something of an informal project in mind: to read some ‘catch up’ books – i.e. books or writers I’ve always meant to read, but have never really gotten round to (sadly, a phrase I repeat fairly often) 

These are anything from:

  • Classics I’ve heard a lot about, such as Stella Gibbons’ Cold Comfort Farm
  • Readers’ favourites that have just evaded me for some reason or other (Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club and The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith)
  • Writers I’ve been curious about for a while (Saki, Orhan Pamuk, Graham Greene)
  • to past Booker favourites/winners/finalists that I just never got around to (Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall, Peter Carey’s Parrot and Olivier in America).

You may also notice that most of these books are jolly and jovial and lighthearted. Yes. I’m making an effort to read comforting, pleasant things, because my university readings require me to read a lot of things about drab and dismal things (I’m in a mood for adjectives!)

Can’t wait to dig into these!



3 thoughts on “A Trip to the Library

  1. So do you believe Wolf Hall is jolly and jovial and lighthearted? I desperately need something like that! I have a copy of Wolf Hall right here and would gladly join you for that. Nothing scheduled, just, you know, loosely reading along? Just so if you ever write about it, it would still be fresh on my mind.

    And, ohh, Joy Luck Club. I read it when I was really young and loved it. I just wonder how I’d see it now. I remember Alberto Manguel saying each book read is influenced by what we’ve read before and I so agree. Would I still be able to appreciate it now that I’ve read Garcia Marquez, for example? I’m dying to know how you’d like it!

    1. Hahaha probably not (RE: Wolf Hall) – I was referring more to McCall Smith and Stella Gibbons and Amy Tan, all of whom tend to be on the jolly side ;)

      Loosely reading along sounds good. I’m having serious trouble making time for books these days. But schedules drive me crazy. I just feel too much pressure from keeping to deadlines and all….

      I have a feeling I’ll like Joy Luck Club. The only problem I tend to have with actually enjoying writers like Amy Tan is that they seem to be one trick ponies. They only ever write variations of the same theme/storyline…. I loved The Kitchen God’s Wife, and one of her others – I think it was called Bonecutter’s Daughter? But I have a feeling Joy Luck Club will be extremely similar to those two!

      Had a similar problem with Kazuo Ishiguro, and it’s one of the reasons why I love David Mitchell (though I’m questioning his purported ‘originality’/genius after reading about Calvino’s work and so on)

      1. p.s. read the opening pages of Wolf Hall just out of curiosity, and it’s very accessible. Not light-hearted per se, but quite sharp, and modern, and easy to read!

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