An Update of Sorts

I’ve been anything but vigorous in updating this blog since my alleged ‘return’ from a long, long hiatus. But I’m still here! Just fighting my way through finals, and end of semester assessments/papers/presentations, etccc. Same old. I’m really excited (and at the same time not at all motivated to study) because this is my last semester before going on exchange for a year to Beijing; zomg! That’s going to be a frightening and exhilarating experience.

I don’t normally delve into the details of my private life, but just wanted to let you all know what’s happening, and why I’ve not been posting despite having read a few things since I last updated ; )


4 thoughts on “An Update of Sorts

  1. Tuesday that’s so awesome! I really wish I had taken a “gap” year between undergrad and graduate school, especially if it had involved traveling or living somewhere other than North America for a year. You are going to have such a wonderful time! I hope you keep us abreast of your many adventures!

  2. That is so exciting! I can understand, between your finals and the preparations and excitement for the trip, how can you focus on blogging?! Just glad that you’re here.

    1. Yes! I have so many travel plans for the year ahead!!!! And I’ve never lived on my own before! I can’t even cook practical things! Hahah but I’m very excited : )

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