Once Again

I’ve sort of made a 180° turn over the last few months. Now, I find myself reading lots and lots; once again, I can read for hours on end without being interrupted by the world around me (though this is usually in the late/early hours because of uni). It’s strange, though, that blogging once again fails to be a priority in my life. I value your thoughts on my thoughts & on the books I read; I love to read your blogs. But right now, I’m content with reading books and then placing them back on the shelf. I want to cherish these moments, and sometimes I think that involves not overthinking things. So it’s goodbye for now (once again). I’ve posted one last review on Murakami’s Norwegian Wood, and I’ll probably keep writing little things about Kristin Lavransdatter every now and then, but that’ll be about all.


6 thoughts on “Once Again

    1. I have come back! To talk about Kristin Lavransdatter! My break was actually quite productive because I finished reading The Wife last week, and it’s given me a lot of space to just think about what I’ve been reading :)

  1. You know, I have been thinking of giving up the blog many times. It gets a little stressful sometimes with my kids and work and everything. Probably why I only want to spend about 10 minutes writing my blog post, no more. I do hope you continue writing thoughts about Kristin L though.

    1. I’ve decided to keep the blog going, even if sluggishly. Just because I need somewhere to rant about books. LOL, your 10 minute rule is probably a good one!

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