La Crème de la Crème

Of recent reads, not in any particular order:

1. The Hungry Tide, Amitav Ghosh
2. Love in the Time of Cholera, Gabriel Garcia Marquez
3. The Complete Novels of George Orwell/Essays
4. Notebooks, Leonardo da Vinci

Won’t say another word, because I’m going to post my thoughts up very  soon.


16 thoughts on “La Crème de la Crème

    1. Ack, I feel the same way about Time Traveler’s Wife. Call me heartless, call me whatever – I just detested that book.

      Hmm, I can definitely understand how Love in the Time of Cholera isn’t likeable if it’s read simply as a love story. But somehow I don’t want to underestimate Marquez like that. He clearly had something different in mind…

      1. Tuesday, I am with you on the Time Traveler’s Wife! If you recall, I compared the book to Twilight, and I still feel that is appropriate! Consider me one of those who didn’t find this book really all that romantic at all!

        1. Well I didn’t detest Time Traveler’s Wife as much as you and Steph did. Actually, I enjoyed the story but was very disappointed with her style of writing. :(

          Two of my closest friends didn’t care for Love in the Time of Cholera (which as you know is my fave), one got bored with it and the other plainly hated Garcia Marquez’s writing. BUT they both super loved The Time Traveler’s Wife!

  1. I’m really excited to hear your thoughts on all of these. I have Love in the Time of Cholera waiting for me for when I feel I need another Marquez hit. And that cover for The Hungry Tide is gorgeous!

    1. I wanted to wait until summer before reading Marquez, but I started reading it on the train one day and now I’m hooked! “Hit” is a fitting word here, Steph :)

    1. Hi, Rebecca!
      Hahah I know, right?! I think it’s the summery weather that’s doing it. I keep putting aside all my uni stuff to read Marquez (which probably isn’t wise…)
      Don’t know about the other side of the globe, but right now Sydney weather is insane. It’s still meant to be winter, but yesterday it was hot enough to go to the beach!

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