Premios Dardo Award

An award! Thanks very much to Christina of Jackets & Covers, Matthew, Claire and Chain Reader ♥

The Premios Dardo Award exists to acknowledge the values that every blogger shows in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values every day. These stamps were created with the intention of promoting fraternization between bloggers, a way of showing affection and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web.

The Rules?

  • Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person that has granted the award and his or her blog link.
  • Pass the award to 15 blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment.

Each and every person out there who contributes to the litblog community is worthy of this award, but the blogs I’m choosing to award are those on my blogroll:

  1. A Guy’s Moleskine Notebook: Matt is kind, honest and thoughtful in his blog posts. I’ve grown to respect his opinions on books, and recently (through his Christmas book giveaway), I also discovered that he is an extremely generous person.
  2. 3000 Books: I don’t know much about the author of this blog, but she’s a fellow Australian,  has a great sense of humour and a fabulous concept behind her blog.
  3. Bookstack: Becca always writes the most eloquent posts, and she is warm and friendly to other bloggers.
  4. Caustic Cover Critic: JRSM – another Australian blogger! His blog is filled with delicious eye-candy, and his comments here, on this blog, make my day (he once described Woolf’s The Waves as “pretentious, self-righteous wank”, or something along those lines)
  5. ChainReading: Chain Reader is one of the most amazingly organised book bloggers I know. I’m not sure exactly how many books she read in 2008, but I can assure you that it was a large number. Plus, her blog always looks great.
  6. Echoes of Narcissus: Juliadomna is a Classics student, whose posts are not always book-related, but are fascinating to read anyway.
  7. kiss a cloud: Apart from the fact that we have similar taste in books, I love to visit Claire’s blog because I  admire her design aesthetic.
  8. Reading, Writing, Working, Playing: Another blogger I respect, JaneGS. She is very knowledgeable on Victorian writers (Gaskell, the Bronte sisters, Eliot etc) and she writes the most informative and interesting posts.
  9. Rebecca Reads: Rebecca has been so, so nice to me since I started this blog. Even though my earlier posts were poorly written, she always left the most encouraging comments.  And of course, her blog has continued to be an inspiration to me since then. Also, it’s through her challenge that I’ve come to acquaint myself with pre-Shakespearian classics.
  10. Redhead Rambles: Another Australian blogger with similar tastes, who was very kind to me when I first began blogging. Redheadrambles hasn’t posted in a while, but her blog definitely deserves this award.
  11. The Mookse and the Gripes: Trevor Berrett’s reviews are commendable and praiseworthy, but the great thing about his blog are the comments that follow. His posts always encourage and inspire the best book discussions ever. Usually I’m too intimidated to contribute (wait, no, usually it’s because I haven’t read the book he’s reviewing) but I enjoy reading through the comments anyway.
  12. Vintage Reads: When I read Nicola’s blog, I am reminded that life and literature are deeply intertwined.  I love that her posts are always personal, perhaps because her writing is accompanied by pictures of her actual books. It always makes my blog look somewhat clinical in comparison.
  13. Zawan’s Blog: Zawan is 13 years old (albeit an extremely mature thirteen year old), who is already familiar with the works of Marquez, Dickens, Hardy and Joyce – just to name a few.

Hopefully the bloggers I’ve awarded are better acquainted with the book-blogging community and will be able to spread the love better than I  :)

Edit: Somewhere down the line, “Premios Dardo” morphed into ‘Primo Darios’ – I don’t know where it began, but sorry about any confusion caused.


14 thoughts on “Premios Dardo Award

  1. Wow – I am not sure someone who has had such a long book blogging break is worthy, but you have inspired me to get cracking and write more reviews…(your blog is looking great by the way!)

  2. Thank you so much, Tuesday. And you do definitely deserve the award, which is why I’m re-awarding it to you. :)

    PS. This is your best layout yet. Or maybe, I just always like what you put up here.

  3. Thanks! A lot of the blogs on your list are new to me so I’ll have to check them out! It’s so funny, I got this award from someone else and you are on MY list! It should be posted soon.

  4. Thank you Tuesday for your very kind nomination! Now I think I should introduce a section extolling all the wonders of me…Thanks also for the list of bloggers I can now piggyback for ideas ;@

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